How Well-Traveled is Your Food?


TreeHugger has beat the local food drum before, with 10 reasons to eat local, experiences from the 100 mile diet and even four cities' worth of recipes for eating locally. Even so, many people are still not on board with eating locally grown food. In the US, the average meal comes from five different nations, and in Australia, it's not unusual for a meal to have traveled over 30,000 km from farm to plate. Here in the States, a group of bloggers have come together to try to raise awareness about the benefits of the local diet by starting the Eat Local Challenge blog. Each author is committed to eating exclusively local food for a specific time period (usually a month) and reporting on it. Several on the west coast have chosen May. Those who have taken the challenge this month report that they are learning tons of new things about their local foodshed, and are excited to learn about the endless possibilities that come with eating local food. Read the blog, take the challenge, eat local food, and we'll all be a little bit less well-traveled. ::Eat Local Challenge via ::The Age and ::Hugg (site in beta)