How to Start a Community Supported Bakery (Video)

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Image credit: Peak Moment TV

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model has widened its scope of late. From a community supported kitchen, through a grain-growing, sail-powered CSA, to community supported beer and baking, there's a lot to be said for sharing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship with your community. If you're interested in starting your own community supported business, or just into hearing stories about good people doing inspiring things, then the latest video from Peak Moment is a must watch. Talking to Jen Ownbey of 8arms bakery in Olympia, Washington as she whips up a batch of zucchini bread for her subscribers, the program discusses both the inspiration behind starting the business, and the specifics of how the bakery was developed and how it runs. This is a valuable first-hand account of how one lady took charge of her life, followed a dream, and brought her community along for the ride. (It's also a reminder that following a dream can be hard, hard work...)

Be warned though, watching this is torture for anyone who loves fresh-baked goods...

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