How to Shop at Whole Foods

CNN Money is not being entirely fair to Whole Foods in this set of pointers for shopping; they will apply equally to any food store and are worth noting even if you have never set foot in a Whole Foods. Points include:

-Produce has a carbon footprint
: "Many contend that the real damage done to the earth by fruits and veggies is not how they are grown but how much fuel has to be burned to get them to you."
-It's still junk food: "Whole Foods doesn't carry any food containing transfats or artificial coloring. But that's the extent of its nutritional screening.Whole Foods Golden Rounds crackers, for instance, have slightly more calories and fat per serving than the Ritz crackers they imitate."
No calorie counting here: "The store diligently lists the ingredients that go into its meat loaf and macaroni and cheese, but it doesn't provide nutritional information on any of its in-store prepared foods. So while that vegan oatmeal scone tastes delicious and sounds healthy, you have no way of knowing whether it is better for you than the scallion cheddar one sitting next to it - or, for that matter, the cheese Danish from Dunkin' Donuts down the street."

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How to Shop at Whole Foods
-Produce has a carbon footprint:

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