How to Make the Simplest Vegetarian Soup Ever (Video)

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From how to make tofu to a video about why eating guts, brains and genitalia is green, I've become a huge fan of the foodie-centric video content provided by CHOW. It's not all green related, but there is a strong bias toward real food, fresh, seasonal ingredients, and a heavy emphasis on vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly cuisine. I've just come across a great and versatile video recipe from CHOW that shows how to make a delicious, fast vegetarian soup from just about any vegetable you have laying around with just 5 ingredients. Green eating doesn't get much simpler than this.

From a tomato-based mixed vegetable soup to a lemon vegetable broth our own Kelly Rossiter has explored many delicious vegetarian soups in her journey toward weekday vegetarianism. But this recipe from Jason Fox, executive chef of Commonwealth in San Francisco, is a great addition to any veggie or veggie-loving cook's arsenal.

As always with CHOW's content, the focus is not just on communicating a recipe, but communicating how to cook. Given that cooking is one of the most important eco-arts of all, I'm a big fan of this approach to food videography.

More of the same please.

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