How to Make Almond Milk (Video)

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Whether you dig Emeril's almond milk and dairy yoghurt milk shakes, or you prefer the Vegan Zombie's purist vegan fettuccine alfredo, almond milk has a lot going for it. But what if you can't find it in the stores? It turns out it's pretty easy to make your own.

While the zombie attacks seem to have tapered off for now (The Vegan Zombie even made it to New York for dinner the other day), the recipes just keep coming. And with all you need to make almond milk being water, almonds, cheese cloth and a blender, this looks like a pretty accessible recipe even for us dairy eaters.

If rinsing out cheese cloth seems like too much work for you, you could look into a purpose built hemp/almond milk maker, but the Vegan Zombie would probably think less of you...

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