How to Kill a Chicken (Video)

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Image credit: Paul Wheaton

From visiting tiny houses to training chickens to eat slugs, I am somewhat addicted to Paul Wheaton's permaculture-related YouTube channel. My latest discovery is likely to be a little controversial—a thoughtful two-part video on how to kill and process a chicken.

Sure, it might not be to everyone's tastes. But I would hope that this is valuable watching for vegans and meat eaters alike.

From a look inside a humane slaughterhouse to hunting and eating roadkill, whenever we post on the act of eating animal flesh, opinions are decidedly varied.

And while I myself eat meat from time-to-time, I am by no means convinced that animal husbandry must be a part of sustainable agriculture. Nor do I object if vegans call me and the chicken lady a murderer.

I just happen to have as many questions about the viability of a vegan world as I do a meat eating one. And I believe we are all better off if we do not look away when given the chance to understand where our food comes from—whether it is the relatively gentle (and frugal!) hands of "that chicken lady", or the more brutal regimes of industrial animal agriculture.

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