How to Grow King Stropharia Mushrooms pt. II: Checking for Mycelium

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Image credit: Mushroom Mountain

With the Fall coming on strong, mushrooms are starting to poke their heads out of the leaf litter once more—the most visible reminder of nature's greatest recyclers. Earlier this year I posted a video from South Carolina's Mushroom Mountain on how to grow king stropharia mushrooms in your garden

Being a committed Lazivore, I have always had a fondness for mushroom cultivation. Unlike many annual plants, some of the more robust mushroom species can often be left to do their own thing with relatively little intervention from humans.

From growing shiitake mushrooms on hardwood logs to experimenting with oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds, I've had some reasonable success in the past. But the idea of cultivating king stropharia (aka "garden giant") mushrooms right in the ground on hardwood mulch has a particular appeal for the lazy gardener in me.

I've even heard it said that mulching your garden with king stropharia-innoculated wood chips can improve the growth of our annuals too. My current plan is to mulch my own (resting) raised bed garden with inoculated wood chips in the spring and just see what happens.

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