How to Grow an Edible School Garden

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Image credit: Good

Planting, tending, and harvesting a garden teaches young students the value of the soil, the delicacy of plants, and the joy a few hours of dirty work can bring. It can also help supplement those woefully unbalanced school lunches everyone has been talking about.

In this vein, Good offers a quick guide to starting an edible school garden.Good writes:

Consider this: the number of overweight or obese school children has nearly doubled in the last decade. Kids who are obese by the age of 12 are 85 percent more likely to remain obese as adults. Kids who are obese in their early teens are twice as likely to die by the age of 50. Sobering news to be sure, but useful information if we are to combat this epidemic and get those kids to eat their vegetables once and for all.

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