How To Cook a Sustainable Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving turkey image

Here in Park Slope, Halloween ended and the next day Christmas decorations and sale signs dotted the avenue blocks. Whether those sorts of stunts get you in the holiday spirit, or get you more excited for Buy Nothing Day, I’ll take the middle road and warm you up to the idea of Thanksgiving. After all, it is only a little more than two weeks away! There are free-range turkeys to find, Tofurkys to stock up on (any veggie knows the hardships of finding them last minute in the freezer-case), sustainable side-dishes to sample and farm-fresh pies to bake or buy. Wondering how you’ll manage?Our sustainable Thanksgiving dinner tips found in our newly dispatched TreeHugger Holiday Guides page, will prove that a little bit of time and money can go a long way in keeping your lip-smackin’ Thanksgiving meal local.

Check it out and get cookin'!

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