How to Build a DIY Natural Swimming Pool (Video)

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Image credit: Permaculture Media

We already know that swimming pools are a huge suck on natural resources, not to mention a possible source of allergies. But from Brooklyn's repurposed dumpster pools to high-end natural swimming pools, we've seen plenty of examples of greener ways to swim here at TreeHugger. Now a new DVD is hoping to show everyone how they can build their own backyard swimming pool that is chemical free, and also a haven for wildlife. The good news is that it will cost you a fraction of what a conventional pool would set you back too.Due to be released by Permanent Publications in the near future, the video below is a trailer for a full length DVD by David Pagan Butler called How To Make a DIY Natural Swimming Pool.

Natural Swimming Pool photoPermaculture Media/Video screen capture

The designs, say David, are both low impact in terms of chemicals and resource use, and also provide an abundant and diverse habitat for creatures to co-habit with swimmers. Part pond, part pool, the concept is to have an insulated, central swimming area surrounded by a filtration area consisting of natural wetland plants. Water is then circulated using solar power, and passed through a simple filtration system built from scrap parts.

Natural Swimming Pool photoPermaculture Media/Video screen capture

It all looks pretty amazing. Now if I can only convince the wife that we don't really need that lawn...

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