How to Brew Your Own Beer in a Small Kitchen

brew your own beer© Griffin Schwed

Are you a suppressed beer meister? Do you dream of hops, rye, and a cold, crisp foamy brew that sends your friends into mute, bowed-head respect for your tipple? Well don't despair, this is within your reach -- even in a small kitchen.

Making beer might appear to be a large, intimidating endeavor, requiring a lot of work space, but over at Discovery Life, Alex Davies proves that this is not so. He and his friend Griffin successfully made a Petite Saison d'Ete from Northern Brewer with seriously limited surface area.

Alex says,

Interested in home brewing but concerned because your home is a small apartment? Don't be dissuaded from trying it out: If you have a shower, a stove and a closet, you can brew. To prove it, here's a walkthrough of my own brewing day, in my Brooklyn apartment.

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How to Brew Your Own Beer in a Small Kitchen
Don't crush that desire to be a beer meister just because your work area isn't that big. Alex shows us how it's done.

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