How to Tell Which Egg is Freshest, and What You Should Do With the Old One (Video)

the age of an egg test photoCHOW/Video screen capture

The foodies over at CHOW have already taught us how to cook pasta faster with less energy and less water. And they've also showed us how to stop an avocado from browning and what to do with leftover potato chips.

But as a backyard chicken keeper, I find their latest installment of CHOW tips the most useful yet. How can you tell which eggs in your fridge are the freshest?

Although tackling food waste should be a priority for all of us, it turns out this simple method isn't just about avoiding eggs going bad (or throwing out the ones that are). According to host Harold McGee, older eggs are actually better for making hardboiled eggs as they peel significantly easier than fresh ones.

Who knew?

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