How Suburban Transplants Are Transforming an Inner-City Neighborhood (Video)

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When I wrote about the 20 families that uprooted from suburbia for urban farming in Kansas City, I noted that they were aiming big—buying up vacant plots, and even an entire derelict school building—and looking to regrow community in a blighted neighborhood. I also noted that it would be good to hear more about what works, what doesn't, and what comes next. It looks like I won't be disappointed, because they are already producing more video. In the video update below we get to hear a little bit more about the whole project—from the connection between their faith-based not-for-profit Rock Solid Urban Impact and The Urban Farming Guys video blog, through details of how they are purchasing vacant land and buildings and seeking to create educational programs, community-based farming and after-school activities, to their efforts to tackle crime and poverty in the neighborhood. We also get solid suggestions of how others can help.

As mentioned in my original post, one of the crucial aspects of successful urban farming projects like this is getting buy-in and participation from the communities that surround them. While a dedicated core of volunteers moving from suburbia may provide a solid base for both labor and organization, I would love to hear more about how these new comers are integrating with the community they now find themselves in—and how the community is reciprocating.

Awesome stuff from The urban Farming Guys. I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

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