How Much Oil is in the Water at Gulf Coast Beaches? (Video)


The BP Gulf spill (or whatever we decide to call it) has already done plenty of damage to wildlife, the local economy, and people's livelihoods. Images of oiled birds and turtles, crude-covered marshlands, and shuttered businesses are now sadly commonplace. But what about that which we can't see so clearly? After all, people are still taking to the beaches all around the Gulf -- it's summer, and there's a record heat wave on, who can blame them? Though those beaches may appear to be oil-free, most are anything but. This video investigates the surprising amount of oil found on even the cleanest-looking beaches.

This video should also give you an idea of how pervasive the spill is -- even though there's no ominous-looking black slick in many parts of the Gulf, the oil is still very much there. From beaches in Florida to Texas, oil has already been confirmed. And this investigation shows that while oil may not have been reported yet in many Gulf locations, the concentration of oil in the water may still be dangerously high.

Of course, that doesn't seem to bother everyone -- there's always this video, where vacation-goers continue to hang out at an oiled beach, unconcerned that it's literally covered in tar balls. But that doesn't change the fact that kids should absolutely not be playing near the oil -- it is toxic, remember, and that it's probably not a good idea for kids to be playing on beaches closer to the spill's source.

Finally, the incident of the exploding test tube is certainly worth noting, and certainly alarming -- it will be interesting to see what the investigators turn up.

Via the Huffington Post
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