How to Make Vegan Chocolate Pudding (Video)

vegan pudding photoThe Vegan Zombie/Video screen capture

A little while back I posted on The Vegan Zombie's excursion to NYC. At the time, one commenter objected to my title which—they felt—implied that vegan desserts are inherently inferior to their diary-based counterparts.

While that was never my intention, I must confess as an omnivore who is trying to cut down on my dairy intake, that desserts—especially cream-laden desserts—are a particular sticking point. I mean, I now know that vegan pizza doesn't suck, but can vegan chocolate pudding really be as good as traditional chocolate pudding?

Yes, says the Vegan Zombie, as he shows us how to cook a raspberry chocolate pudding with a cookie crust. And it does indeed look pretty darned delicious. (For folks who aren't convinced by The Vegan Zombie's love of vegan cheese, you'll be pleased to see he keeps it all-natural with this recipe.) And don't forget to check out Jerry's recipe for banana and coconut vegan French toast for more dairy-free sweetness.

How to Make Vegan Chocolate Pudding (Video)
The Vegan Zombie shows us how to make a decadent chocolate-raspberry pudding that's 100% dairy-free.

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