How to Grow Nameko Mushrooms on Log Rafts (Video)

nameko mushroom fruiting photoMushroom Mountain/Video screen capture

Soon after I hosted a live chat with Mushroom Mountain's Tradd Cotter, he emailed raving about a huge fruiting of nameko mushrooms back at the Mushroom Mountain farm. He was, he said, a "proud father" and he promised to send a video explaining his cultivation techniques.

From my own experiences of shiitake mushroom cultivation, through large-scale mushroom log growing to a step-by-step video on how to grow mushrooms on logs, the technique of cultivating shrooms on hardwood logs is nothing new here on TreeHugger.

But Tradd's video explores a couple of alternative methods of log cultivation—the first involving a towered "layer cake" of innoculated logs, and the second involving a raft of small diameter logs left lying on the ground. It's this second technique, which ensures a faster colonization of the growing medium (but presumably a shorter fruiting life) that produced the giant flush Tradd was raving about.

If anyone else has experience of growing like this, we'd love to see photos or videos.

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