How Green Is Your Beer?

Ah, Labour Day, where the most work one wants to do is sit on a warm deck and lift a cold beer. But how to choose? Heidi Sopinka of the Globe and Mail tells us:

Hopped up on Pesticides: Farmers are estimated to spray hops 14 times a year with an average of 15 pesticides and fungicides. One of the two primary ingredients in most beers (the other is barley), hops constitute about 5 per cent of beer's total volume and account for at least 50 per cent of the taste. Organic beers should have organic hops.

Is Your Beer Vegan? Many beers are clarified with isinglass, which is not an elven village in Middle Earth but collagen made from the bladders of fish. (it is in wine too) See also Warren on organic beer here.

Sopinka also recommends bottles over cans, paint-on rather than paper labels and of course, support your local micro-brewery to minimize the fossil fuels needed to ship that beer to your fridge. ::Globe and Mail

And be sure to watch the very first TreeHugger video, starring Graham Hill when he was still young and cute, telling us to Save energy, Drink Local.

UPDATE: Vanessa at ::GreenasaThistle coincidentally makes a similar point today.

if you’re going to get blitzed, you might as well do it in as green a fashion as possible — drinking a pint of draught beer from a tap rather than out of a bottle is one way, as is buying wine in a two-litre jug rather than two separate one-litre bottles.

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