How CSAs Can Help Disaster-Hit Farmers Survive (Video)

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The extreme weather of this summer was both dramatic and devastating here in the US. But the news cycle being what it is, our attention has moved on to other issues and other stories. Meanwhile, residents, businesses and especially farmers are left still trying to pick up the pieces. And it is a problem that is only likely to get worse as our climate gets more unstable.

Luckily, some farmers have CSAs and community backing to fall back on. Others are not so lucky.

The Perennial Plate Episode 72: After the Flood from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

It is, of course, impossible to make a direct link between any one extreme weather event and climate change. But unless you believe in the climate scientists as evil conspiracists rhetoric emanating from some quarters, then it's not hard to accept that effective flood prevention must include tackling climate change, not just managing storm waters. Extreme weather will get more common, and that will mean real loss of both life and livelihood across the Globe.

Once again, Mirra and Daniel of the Perennial Plate—the same guys who brought us footage of farmers discussing Monsanto tomatoes and trapping and killing feral pigs—do a great job of exploring what it all means in human terms. And they've disrupted the flow of the ongoing road trip because it is so urgent, for those of us who believe in sustainable farms and farming, to keep this in the headlines:

We are interrupting our trip's linear flow to bring you an episode from upstate New York. We felt like the immediacy of this issue needed to be touched upon now. The flooding that resulted from Hurricane Irene followed a week later by tropical rains that re-flooded farms in NY and VT was devastating. Late summer is the most important part of the year for a lot of farmers (its what they've been working for the entire year), and when that gets wiped out, its like losing your entire income. Such is the story in this video of Pete Taliaferro and Ray Bradley. Please watch the video and remember that although it has left the headlines, people are still deeply affected by what happened.

Of course, the role of a CSA in providing community support to one farmer is about the best example of why local food is about much more than just carbon footprints too. Resilience vs sustainability has never been a more important topic.

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