How To Cook A Fish On A Rock

cooking fish on a rock photoBCOutdoor Survival/Video screen capture

From a DIY wood gasifier to a homemade alcohol cookstove, Paul Osborn of BC Outdoor Survival has shown us some energy efficient systems for cooking your food on a hike.

This next tip is not exactly energy efficient, but it's still worth sharing. As Paul looks at how to cook fish or meat over a simple open fire, as native people have done for centuries.

cooking fish on a rock 2 photoBCOutdoor Survival/Video screen capture

Using nothing more than a rock and a small, contained fire, it's a pretty simple process of supporting the rock over the flames, heating up the cooking surface, and then cooking that food. Paul does get a little fancy with lemons and garlic, but it is still pretty simple, and requires absolutely no utensils or cookware.

cooking fish on a rock 3 photoBCOutdoor Survival/Video screen capture

True, given the health and environmental issues related to wood smoke, this is hardly the least polluting cooking there is. But there is something rewarding about doing things the simple way and—as I argued in this post on how to make fire by hand—is a powerful reminder of just how confortable and detached our lives have become.

How To Cook A Fish On A Rock
No pan. No utensils. Just a fire, a rock, and a fish.

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