How to Build Small-Scale Irrigation-Free Hugelkultur Raised Beds


I've already posted on one housing co-op building "hugelkultur" raised beds, using a mechanical digger to bury huge hunks of timber under the top-soil. And I've posted some video evidence that small-scale "hugelkultur" beds also work to provide plant nutrients and reduce the need for watering. Now Permaculture Magazine also has a short piece on how to build small-scale hugelkultur beds by one UK permaculturist who is emptying his raised beds and filling them with firewood.

Why would you do this? As the wood rots, it has an incredible capacity for holding water, and creates a nifty little ecosphere to promote a healthy soil web of microbes, fungi, insects and worms. Eventually the decaying matter provides nutrients to the plants and critters, and as the wood decays it helps to prevent the soil from becoming compacted. Some experts say the results can positively impact the bed for 15 to 20 years. Plus it's a very fun word to say.

Head on over to Permaculture Magazine for more on hugelkultur raised beds and other green gardening solutions.

How to Build Small-Scale Irrigation-Free Hugelkultur Raised Beds
One UK permaculturist builds a raised bed that should, in theory, never need watering again.

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