How a Cooperative Pub is Keeping a Village Alive (Video)

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Image credit: Robin Hood Tax

From community supported beer to a cooperative effort to build a solar power station on a brewery roof, the British public seem to be on a roll when it comes to combining activism with that popular national pass-time of drinking beer. One village in Yorkshire, for example, has created an innovative model for preserving what is often the very heart of any British community—the village pub.

True, there's nothing in the video to suggest that the pub in question is overtly "green" in the fashionable sense. We don't know if they are serving organic salt and vinegar crisps, or micro-brewed ales from heirloom hops. But that's not the point. If local economies are central to a sustainable future, then preserving independent, distinct gathering places within those communities is every bit as important—actually more important—than ensuring the latest organic ale is always available on tap.

Add to that the emissions saved from not driving to your nearest chain pub (yes, to those not familiar with the UK pub landscape, McPubs are everywhere!), and the social benefits of reduced drink driving, and cooperative pubs seem like a win-win solution for saving many village boozers.

This video was produced as part of the Robin Hood on the Road campaign, in support of the proposed Robin Hood tax on financial institutions, in an effort to highlight initiatives, companies and projects that are putting back real value into their community.

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