How a Cattle Rancher Preserves the Prairies of Montana (Video)

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Image credit: The Perennial Plate

The environmental case for vegetarianism, or at least eating a lot less meat, is pretty compelling. From the inherent efficiency of eating plant-based foods directly, rather than processing them through animals, to the importance of avoiding factory farms, a vegetable-heavy diet has a lot going for it. But animals can also do things we can't—namely turning grass into a valuable food, suitable for humans. And given the ecological importance of grassland prairies, the idea of a protecting valuable ecosystems while also obtaining a yield is pretty darned compelling.

Here's another beautiful, gentle video from The Perennial Plate on cattle ranching in Montana, exploring how one rancher mimics the natural influence of buffalo on the precious, prairie ecosystem.

The Perennial Plate Episode 70: The Cows and The Horses from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

From foraging for geoduck through eating roadkill to trapping feral pigs, Daniel and his vegetarian camera person Mirra often explore what it means to take a life in order to eat. But this might be one of their most visually stunning explorations of the subject yet.

But then, turn a camera on the beauty of Montana and you'd be hard pushed not to come out with something lovely. What makes this all the more compelling is the gentle, intuitive and deeply respectful way in which Bryan Ulring of J Bar L talks about caring for his animals and the land.

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