How a Campus Permaculture Garden is Regenerating the Earth (Video)

UMass permaculture revisited photo

Image credit: UMass Permaculture

My original post on how a UMass campus lawn is becoming a no-dig permaculture garden was popular. But it only showed students laying the groundwork. An update post on the UMass garden suggested that the energy was alive and well, but we were left wondering as to how the garden was really growing. Now, finally, we have part two of the planned three-part documentary. And it is inspiring stuff.

Leaving aside the actual plants planted and the food being grown, what really excites me about this video is the enthusiasm evident as students see degraded land being brought back to life. From the abundance of worms in the no-dig garden beds to an increased engagement in the concept of broken food systems, projects like this can go a long way toward not just reducing our negative impact—but beginning to heal the earth we rely on too.

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