Host An "Earth Dinner" With Help From Organic Valley and Celebrity Chefs

Now that we know a bit more about your eating habits from our instant surveys on veggie couples, fast food dining, and cooking at home - we're pretty sure that folks can count on TreeHuggers to host some quality Earth Dinners over the next several weeks. Organic Valley and Chef's Collaborative have teamed up to promote the annual celebratory meal in honor of Earth Day. "The Earth Dinner gives us a way for family and friends to come together to appreciate the remarkable role food plays in our lives, in our family's histories and on our planet," said Theresa Marquez, Earth Dinner Founder. "How and what we eat determines the health of the earth." Visit the Earth Dinner website to find delicious recipes from participating celebrity chefs and to download "Earth Dinner Creativity Cards," a free-form dinner table game. Via: PR Newswire