Hong Kong Gym Harvests People-Power

Obesity is rife, and power is scarce. A gym in Hong Kong has take these two problems, and created one bonkers solution. The exercise machines create power which is then used to power the gym.

Rather than use machines that waste energy as heat or sound, they have installed the useful machines which can generate up to 50 watts from each person.

Lucien Gambarota, the inventor behind the idea, said, "Each of these machines, they are equipped with a generator inside. So what we did, we diverted part of the electricity produced by the machine to recharge a battery, he said. "And with what we store in the battery, we have been able to power part of the lighting system."

One club member is behind the plan, "I think it's a really good idea. At least the energy is used for something good. It gives you more reason - you are not wasting what you are using, so it's better that way."Steve Clinefelter, president of the chain of gyms, said that they would consider implementing the plan in other centers around the country. "If that proves successful and economically viable, then we see nothing that would stop us from continuing to grow to more and more of our clubs, and ultimately to the entire industry, and all clubs worldwide would consider and choose this kind of an alternative power source."

Clinefelter says that in the future the machines may be hooked up to the TVs in the gym – if the members want to watch, then they have to work out. It’s an interesting motivational technique, I’m sure you’ll agree. ::VOA

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Hong Kong Gym Harvests People-Power
Rather than use machines that waste energy as heat or sound,