Hong Kong Chefs Join Sustainable Seafood Initiative

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Three renowned Hong Kong chefs have been named WWF Ocean Friendly Chefs and will design menus featuring sustainable seafood species recommended by WWF's Seafood Guide. The chefs are Lau Chun from Yellow Door Kitchen, Margaret Xu from Yin Yang Fresh HK Cuisine and Jacky Yu from Xiyan.

Hong Kong residents are some of the largest consumers of seafood per capita in the world. According to the Hong Kong Ecological Footprint Report 2008, the huge demand for seafood is contributing the depletion and overexploitation of fish stocks around the world.
"Fish is my favourite food and if I'm stuck on an island with nothing to eat I hope I can at least eat fish," said Xu in a statement. "The ocean is 70% of the planet we live in – if we don't look after this we will be left with nothing."

WWF recently also rolled out the newly revamped Seafood Choice Initiative website, where consumers can download sustainable seafood recipes designed by the Ocean Friendly Chefs. It complements the Seafood Guide, which ranks more than 60 of the most popular seafood species in Hong Kong into three categories: Green-Recommended, Yellow-Think Twice, and Red-Avoid. Among the species in the red column are Orange roughy, Hong Kong group, and Red crap, many of them caught in the South China Sea.

Hong Kong chefs aren't the only ones who have been singled out by WWF as buyers of unsustainable seafood. We recently reported that undercover investigators have discovered that three Nobu restaurants in London have been serving endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna, passing it off as non-endangered tuna.

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