Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish

Okay we admit it. No matter how TreeHugger we are, sometimes us girls just like to be pampered every now and again. We like to have massages, we like to have facials and we like to have our nails done. One of our tipsters, Meghan Q., obviously feels the same way and sent us to Honeybee Gardens to check out their water-based nail polishes. It’s odor-free and what’s best is that it doesn’t require that nasty nail polish remover. Instead, it peels off easily and then washes clean with just soap and water. The formula is non-toxic and contains only natural mineral pigments, which also makes it great for teens. Oh, and one last thought, we tried the Goat’s Milk Soap (it came in our Clear Remedies gift basket) and absolutely loved it! ::Honeybee Gardens