Homemade Soda Recipe: DIY Carbonated Drinks (Video)

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Image credit: Crafzine
DIY Soda Means Less Sugar and Less Trash
I've recently started experimenting with home-brewed beer, but it had never occurred to me to try brewing my own sodas too. But for those of you who may be concerned about Bisphenol A in soda bottles, or want to cut back on sugar or corn syrup, or just are not convinced by the green initiatives of Coke and others, maybe homemade sodas are the answer? Heck, it's another way to use up homegrown produce too - though I recommend starting with strawberries or mint, before you work on a zuchini-flavored rootbeer, or shiitake lemonade. Now the ever-informative Craftzine has produced a great video showing you how to create your own homemade soda.The full post on DIY Soda includes a sample recipe and advice, but essentially the process seems pretty simple. You create a flavored syrup from whatever ingredients you choose, you add a small amount of brewers yeast, and then you bottle it and allow it to ferment - creating carbonation. Of course, as anyone who has paid attention in science class will know, sugar plus yeast creates carbonation, but it also creates alcohol. Fear not though - Craftzine assures us that the alcohol levels are very low indeed, and should be safe for kids as long as you have no religious objections to alcohol intake. Heck - you should even be safe to ride your bike after a drink or two!

CRAFT Video: DIY Soda from make magazine on Vimeo.

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