Homegrown Produce, Homegrown Design: Konstam Correction

When we last covered Oliver Rowe's new restaurant, Konstam, we did not realize we had posted a picture of his older restaurant. The new restaurant serves really local food- like from inside the M25, a ring road around London. The correct picture is much more interesting- he went for a local designer as well, Thomas Heatherwick, who designed the brilliant rolling bridge. He has installed nearly 70 miles of stainless steel and nickel bead chains, hanging above the tables. Rows of jars line shelves where Mr. Rowe, above, stocks preserves for the winter. The rest of the kitchen is entirely open as well, so diners can watch the cooks, creating an informal atmosphere that is reinforced by simple wood chairs painted the same turquoise as the floors. "We worked around the idea of the kitchen as part of everyday life, and not just something that runs a restaurant,"Mr. Rowe said. We continue to be excited that the hundred mile diet has become so fashionable. ::New York Times