Home is Where the Food Is: 100 Mile Diet (Video)

Home Is Where the Food Is tells the simple tale of Tina Biello making dinner for her family. In particular, this dinner comes from all locally grown ingredients in or near Vancouver, and highlights that there is something deeply important about not just knowing your food is as fresh as possible, but about knowing the people that care for and provide your food.The animation, created by Jody Kramer, tells the story of Tina Biello's family and growing up on a farm in Italy. "Food has a life and a story" notes Biello, and Home is Where the Heart Is, aims to tell that tale. Biello's character cooks dinner and explains where each of the items in her pasta and salad dinner come from.

One might think that getting the wheat/grain for pasta might be the hardest item to find, Biello certainly did, and yet she found a mill in a nearby town, the True Grain Mill, that provides freshly milled local grain. Pasta has a (hi)story for Biello, as her mother made lots of pasta when she was growing up from the grain on the family farm.

While telling her story, Biello explains that not only does she enjoy purchasing local items because it aids her community and she gets to know the people making her food (again, back to that idea of food has a story), but she says it also just tastes better. There is nothing better than grain freshly milled. The eggs, another interesting antecdote, come from an "Honor System Stand" just down the road. Neighbors can show up at the stand, pickup eggs and leave money in a box on the stand for their "purchase."

This animation would be great for school groups or teachers needing something to explain the idea of the 100 Mile Diet and give it a human side to the story. One woman's desire to cook a meal using only local ingredients turns into an explanation of some of the things that make her community neat - for example, Honor System Stands - as well as a demonstration of how she becomes more in touch with local businesses in her area since she has to find suppliers for items that make more complicated dishes. It's one thing to pick up a few fruits and veggies at the farmers market to make a salad for a 100 mile diet. It's another thing entirely to try and cook more complicated dishes like making pasta but only using local ingredients.

"Home is Where the Heart Is" is part of the 100 Mile Diet Society Vancouver website which has plenty of resources for area residents, including a map identifying local food producers. You can find more short videos as well as 100 Mile Diet lesson plans and resources all on the website. For more information, check out 100 Mile Diet Society Vancouver.
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