Home Detox Improves "Real Age"

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Here's a fun, little game: Wanna find out what your years of late-night clubbing and social-smoking have done to your health? Yikes, on second thought... Well, the RealAge.com will take you through a series of questions on genetic health risks, exercise and even how happy you are with your s.e.x life - each of which affects what they term your "real age." Your real age is not your birthdate but the idea that how you treat your body may shorten or lengthen your timeline.

Interestingly enough, one of the suggestions they give to improve your "real age" is to detox your home. The list includes roughly 3-5 tips to improve every room in your house, including don't microwave food in plastic containers, use cedar-chips instead of mothballs and use deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Clearly these are things that we have touched on at TreeHugger, but its interesting to note that not only are these things important for the environment, but also that they are recommended to "put years back on your life." Age is so just a number.Sponsored by Dr. Michael Roizen, and Oprah's favorite thing Dr. Oz, the Real Age test, you can also take a quiz specifically looking at how your home is setup and find out if your house is "toxic." The site also includes sections to improve your mental health, lose weight and where to purchase non-toxic products.

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