Holy (chocolate) Cow Batman!


One for our vegan friends, and those who have a interest in the welfare of farm animals. Portuguese artist, Zoe Birrell, a student at Scotland's Glasgow School of Fine Art has created an art exhibit that explores the issues surrounding dairy farming. "The life of the modern dairy cow, kept perpetually pregnant and thus full of hormones whilst suffering the emotional stress of loss of her baby calf inspired Zoe to focus on these psychological and physiological issues and the ethical alternatives." So she conjured up a herd of choccy bovines. 300 of which are being sold to the public, the resulting funds to be set aside for rescuing a dairy cow or calf for care in animal sanctuary. And before you reach for your keyboard to type "wottabout the milk in chocolate?", let it be known that Zoe used 53kg (her body weight) of fair traded, organic, vegan chocolate to make those moo cows. (see earlier post on Plamil). Although specifics aren't divulged, the packaging of the for-sale beasties is described as 'eco-friendly' and the installation space has been cooled using "ecological and sustainable alternative refrigeration systems." Via ::PR Web.