Hives for Lives: Fighting Cancer Has Never Been Sweeter


At a stage in life where most girls their ages are obsessing over popularity and boys, Molly and Carly Houlahan, aged 15 and 13, respectively, are selling honey to benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS). After their grandfather passed away from throat cancer four years ago, the sisters "wanted to do something to remember him and to make sure that others would not get sick and die like he did," according to their Web site.

Their plan: To harvest honey from their grandparents' bee hives, sell it, and then donate all the profits toward funding cancer research. Three years into their philanthropic undertaking, the Hives for Lives girls have donated over $22,000 to ACS.Having amassed 13 hives, Molly and Carly, who were recently awarded the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, are now looking to expand their non-profit nationally, primarily by recruiting other kids (or "Helper Bees") to raise bees and sell honey with them.

You can donate money to their cause or purchase honey and beeswax candles on their Web site. Jars of honey are also available at Whole Foods stores in Princeton, NJ; Devon, PA; and Pittsburgh, PA. ::Hives for Lives

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