High Desert Fine Organic Foods


We received this tip from Daily Candy a few months back and we were finally able to taste test ourselves. Kiva Orchard, located in Colorado, is the certified organic farm behind High Desert Foods. The fruits and vegetables produced from this farm are supremely flavorful. This makes the products they sell online even more delicious. The company started by sampling and selling their produce at regional farmers markets and food stores. They were inspired by their consumers' enthusiasm and decided that they wanted to make a product that was "shelf stable." Today, High Desert Foods offers coffee varieties, jams, tomato sauces, nut mixes and, our favorite, smoked dried tomatoes made with organic olive oil and organic lemon juice. We also find the recipes on their site very helpful (the baked brie with apricot lavender "confiture" was a divine addition to our holiday apps). Via ::Daily Candy ::High Desert

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