Hidden Webcam Exposes Chicken Cruelty 24 Hours a Day


Image: Anonymous for Animal Rights

From secret footage of cruelty in a commercial hatchery to shocking pictures of supposedly organic egg production, we know that pictures can play an important role in exposing the abuse inherent in the factory farming industry. Now one group of activists have taken this principle to the next level—embedding a hidden webcam in an Israeli factory farm, broadcasting footage of confined hens 24 hours a day. And the farmers can't seem to find it. The scheme was the brainchild of Anonymous for Animal Rights, a campaign group running the "Israel Leaves the Cage" campaign against battery hen operations. The group says it's high time to act on conditions in commercial farms:

"Three hens are locked in a cage 40 cm long, 33 cm wide and 45 cm high. Each gets a tiny living space of just 440 sq/cm, less than the size of an A4 page (smaller even than their own body size). As can be seen in these images, they're surrounded from all sides by a wire mesh that prevents them from stretching their wings or standing upright. Throughout most of their lives they don't see any daylight, or even stand on solid ground; not to mention rummaging and pecking in the ground."

Exactly how the group smuggled in a webcam, and where it is concealed, remain a mystery. (The location and identity of the farm also remain secret.) Activists told The Guardian that the hidden chicken camera was specially selected for reliability and size. Chen Morad, who runs the campaign for Anonymous, doesn't seem too concerned about it getting discovered. :"We know they are looking for it," she told The Guardian.

At time of writing, the live feed from the factory farm was still running. It does not make for pleasant viewing.

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