Hidden Pond Resort: Finding Luxury in an Organic Garden

hidden pond resort maine photo

Image credit: Hidden Pond

Imagine waking up in your own private cottage nestled in 60 acres of birch groves and balsam fir, decked out with decor from local designers and craftspeople, and strolling down to pick your breakfast at will from a huge organic garden. Later you could take in some yoga or a massage at the spa, or just head to the pool. Hidden Pond Resort in Maine is unlikely to do much for those who accuse TreeHugger of promoting an elite vision of green. It's true - from electric sports cars to fancy eco-condos to high-end couture green fashion - we do cover our fair share of green luxury products. (In our defense, we're generally not averse to dumpster diving or peeing in the shower either!) Either way - you can call me elitist if you will, but I still want to go to Hidden Pond. Located in Kennebunkport in Maine, Hidden Pond describes itself as "flip-flop chic" and "splendidly laid back", and is definitely geared to those who see vacation as a time for doing as little as possible - but who still want their own space, privacy, and who enjoy fixing up the occasional meal. The organic garden is, quite literally, free for the picking. Guests can simply wander down, collect some shears from the shed, and take what they will - from tomatoes and squash to basil, berries and just about anything else you could imagine. Several afternoons a week, the farmer is on hand to answer questions about organic growing, and to give advice on how to use unusual ingredients. Groceries are delivered to your door each morning, along with fresh baked bread and a New York Times. And there's a small bar, grill and bonfire for those who do want to be sociable.

Prices aren't cheap - starting at $395 a night for up to 4 guests - so as I said, this ain't for the cheap greenies out there - but it's not outrageous compared to a medium-priced hotel. As with million dollar LEED Gold appartments, I'm delighted to see luxury being redefined as an organic tomato and a cottage near the beach, rather than a private jet to a tropical island.

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