Heredia Organic Tea, at Supermarkets in Argentina


We’re thrilled to discover more TreeHugger products and events in Argentina every day. Our last surprise was this line of organic teas, found not in a website or a specialized grocery store, but at a local supermarket. Though supermarket isn’t such a friendly word for everyone, we noted the incorporation of this type of products as a sign of increasing public interest in the subject and a happy alternative to those that care for the origin of their food. The teas are produced by Laboratorios Heredia -dedicated to the manufacturing of herbal products- in a plant certified for organic production by Argencert. The infusions’ collection includes Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Mate, Lemon Verbena and Peppermint. For those in or around Buenos Aires, they can be purchased at Jumbo supermarkets for about five pesos (little over one and a half US Dollar). ::Laboratorios Heredia

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