Hemp Company Is One of Canada's Fastest Growing


A few months ago Justin observed that Manitoba Harvest was booming. Profit publications have just confirmed that, announcing that the hemp foods company was the 58th fastest growing Canadian company in the past 5 years (based on revenue growth). Their fiscal growth was a staggering 1,057% from 2000-2005. Not bad given that it based on products which are grown free of pesticides and herbicides. And a portion of their line is also certified organic to boot, such as the hemp seed oil seen here, which is claimed to be "nature's richest source of the Essential Fatty Acids (76%)." In this case it is made from 100% Certified organic, raw cold pressed hemp seed oil, and contains no additives or preservatives. 25 farmers, shareholders in the company grow their hemp on 5,000 acres of Canadian soil. ::Manitoba Harvest, via NPI.