Help Build The TreeHugger Fair Trade Organic Coffee Index


Whenever we show a product from the UK, we get complaints from America that it is overpriced. Usually this is because of what economists call Purchasing Power Parity: things should cost the same all over, but currencies are often over or undervalued, distorting the prices. It could be wages are lower, the rich are richer or the rents are higher, but things have different prices around the world. The Economist magazine has studied this for years with their Big Mac Index, comparing the price of Big Mac's around the world, as one of the few things that are so ubiquitous that it is a useful standard. Recently Australia's Commonwealth Bank updated the concept with the iPod Nano index which determined that iPods are cheapest in Canada, most expensive in Brazil. But enough of Big Mac's, even the Economist knows fair trade and organic products are gaining in popularity. We need a new, TreeHugger Correct standard on an item that we think is available around the world: why not Fair Trade, Organic (FTO) coffee.We find that most of them are similarly priced here; What does it cost where you are? Let us know the size, price, location and currency by sending us a comment. Or, you can view the Google Spreadsheet here and enter it yourself. (hit the (edit here) link to the right) You can convert local currency to US$ here; or on the link on the spreadsheet; there is also a converter to determine the local price in pounds if you are buying 500 grams or by the kilo. We are using a price found online for New York City as the base. (picked off the internet so correct me if I am wrong)

So enough of Big Macs and iPods. Help build the TreeHugger Coffee Index and determine where the best place to get a bag of Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Organic Coffee.