Hedgerow Herbals - Aaag! Grrrr! Mmm! Oooo! Oww! Zzzz!


Trying to keep clean and fresh in this heat seems to be a losing battle. No sooner than we’ve had a cold shower we feel like we need another one. We recommend listening to THTV’s advice and inviting lots of friends round to shower together. If you are gonna spend most of the day bathing to keep cool you might as well be social with it! You can also enjoy all sorts of delicious soapy products. A yummy one we found at the weekend is called Hedgerow Herbals, a UK based company which makes skin and beauty products all made from natural ingredients. My favourite was the lavender and calendular soap. We also love their bath and body oil range entitled Aaag! Grrrr!, Mmm!, Oooo!, Oww!, Zzzz! I’ll be lathering up with that during this heat wave! :: Hedgerow Herbals