Health Food From "Damaged Vegetables"


(From left) "Skin care," "internal cleansing assist," and "vitamin charge"

Fruits and vegetables in Japan are absolutely gorgeous, stunningly displayed and extraordinarily expensive. What do you do with the ones that aren't perfect, that are "bruised or irregularly shaped"? Recycle them into drinks, as "the new shape of vegetables." Throw in pineapple cores as a sweetener. It is all inspired by the Japanese word mottainai ("What a waste!") .

The drinks are "made from fruit or vegetables that have been subjected to intense heat for a short time and then made into puree form using centripetal force. The application of heat brings out the sweetness that fruits and vegetables naturally contain, and because no cutting instruments are used, the nutritional elements are undamaged at the cellular level."

While we feel sorry for the Freegans, we do hope that the idea catches on here- a lot of fruit and vegetables end up in the dumpsters. ::Trends in Japan

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