Hasu Organic Teas


Tea is reputed to be "packed with antioxidants which slow down the aging process. It can improve the memory, clear the complexion, boost the immune system and promote healthy weight loss." We recently sampled some delicious organic teas from Hasu Tea, a Toronto company promoting "a fine selection of gourmet and organic teas from around the world. Our teas are 100% natural and contain no artificial ingredients. We also have a large selection of Certified Organic teas." it is a long tail thing- People everywhere now have the option to get obscure and rare products like organic white tea while our parents drank orange pekoe powder or whatever the supermarket offered. It's a Small-Mart thing- Small, local businesses like Hasu are popping up everywhere and available online. It's a Peter Singer thing- we don't grow tea here, but if we support fair trade and organic production in third world countries it is the next best thing to buying locally grown. We should all support the small, local source - they give us more choice, better products and keep our money working in our community. They taste better too. ::Hasu Teas