Harvest Wednesdays at the Gladstone Hotel

We love what Christina Ziedler did with Toronto's old Gladstone Hotel- rebuilding and restoring the structure and filling it with artists and events, without rudely throwing it's long-term inhabitants out onto the street. The programming is as interesting as the building- for the next two weeks, a local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) and chef Marc Breton are presenting tastings of the best and freshest of Ontario produce. Get this- $ 7.50 per person- including tastings of wine and beer. Try seeing how far that goes down the street at the Drake. Weeks three through five are a "cornucopia of farm fresh dishes showcasing "in season" produce delivered from the farmer's field to your table at the Gladstone. Come to all three buffets as menu will vary each week, depending on harvest". all for $35 including wine. Christina runs the Gladstone not as an hotel but as a social and cultural incubator, and in a very short time has turned a dump into a treasured institution. :: Harvest Wednesdays at the Gladstone.