Happy Shrimp Goes Local in Rotterdam


Soon we Europeans can enjoy local and happy shrimp from the Netherlands. No more clocking up on Food Miles when you fancy fresh shrimp, no more deep-freezing & over-packaging and no more polluting of mangrove forests by existing shrimp farms in Asia. Bass & Gill BV have came up with e new business idea: the Happy Shrimp Farm; the first tropical shrimp farm in Europe. They call it a new eco-industrial company that benefits the economy and the environment. Here is how:
The Happy Shrimp greenhouse-enclosed Farm in Rotterdam uses the waste heat (otherwise released into the air) of the neighbouring power plant to warm the farm. A biological filter bed makes sure the waste streams of the farm don’t pollute in order for future generations to enjoy shrimp happily in an untouched environment. Another advantage of a shrimp farm in Europe is that the shrimp available is at its most freshest as well as safe to eat (see Food Safety page). Happy Shrimp made it their responsibility not just to farm shrimp eco-friendly but also to tell people about industrial ecology, sustainability, energy use, healthy food and joyful lives. Their web site is a great and clear source of information full of happy shrimps.
To feast on Happy Shrimp you have to wait until March 2007 when they will hit the market. The construction of the farm started in April this year and the official opening is in September followed by the Night of the Prawns Party. In the meantime you can Shrimp Up Your Life with the Happy Shrimp Merchandise: 100% organic t-shirts, stickers, or a Happy Shrimp Eco-Sphere; a NASA developed self-sustaining living environment for 3-4 small bright red shrimps! Great how far you can take a sustainable shrimp locally! ::Happy Shrimp via ::Springwise