Happy Easter! Don't forget to buy ethical chocolate.

When you're biting the head off a chocolate bunny this weekend, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether your sweet treat was the product of child slave labor. But, this is going to be a bummer, it probably is. Well, I mean, it's definitely possible. Have you checked where your chocolate is from? You should!

Last year, Ramon highlighted 10 Fairtrade, Organic, and Vegan Sources For Easter Chocolate. That is a good place to start for avoiding the soul-crushing despair you'll feel if you find out mid bunny that your chocolate was produced with the help of slave children.

Previously, Lloyd has covered the importance of knowing where your chocolate comes from and making sure your Valentine's Day chocolate isn't made by slaves. You can totally extend that concern to Easter, as well!

If you want to avoid the child slavery issue altogether, consider making your own Easter treats. Jaymi recently whipped up these delicious vegan chocolate and strawberry cupcakes for Valentine's day. You can make them for Spring holidays too! No one will care as they are stuffing their faces.

How are you planning to celebrate the holiday? Give us some ideas in the comments below.

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