Happy Cow's Vegetarian Restaurants Guide

Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurant & Health Food Stores seems like it could be quite useful to travelers and people who don't know the restaurants in their area very well. The design is not exactly slick, but it gets the job done: Select your region on a world map, then your country, then your city and it gives you a list of restaurants and health food stores with contact information, short descriptions and reviews. You can get a map with one click (it redirects you to Yahoo maps) and you have the option to show only 100% veggie restaurants or vegetarian-friendly ones too.You are also encouraged to write them about any restaurant that isn't already included in the guide. And don't forget, you don't need to be a vegetarian to eat in a veggie restaurant. You could even discover new things that you won't be able to live without afterwards, and your colon will thank you.

::Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurant & Health Food Stores