Hail Seitan! The Vegan Black Metal Chef Cooks Udon Stir Fry

vegan-black-metal-chef-seitan-photoVegan Black Metal Chef/Video screen capture

We may have gotten distracted by the Vegan Zombie's blood soaked culinary explorations, because it's been a while since we checked in with The Vegan Black Metal Chef.

But it looks like Brian Manowitz is still producing his charming, if noisy, cooking shows—and giving unsuspecting vegetables a vicious pounding that they hardly deserve.

Although the "hail seitan" gag has been done before I still find it amusing, and as a meat eater who likes fake meat, I'm delighted to see him cooking with this stuff—it's an ingredient I've enjoyed in restaurants but have been disappointed by when I cooked it at home.

Maybe I just wasn't wearing enough make up...

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