Habana Outpost: Even Grilled Corn is Better Green

You can think of a restaurant as a place to hang out with friends. Or, you can think of it as a convenient way to avoid the damned-dirty-dishes syndrome. But start talking about a restaurant as a vehicle for environmental change, and people might call you a little loopy. Luckily, Café Habana proprietor Sean Meenan isn't listening...His newest venture, Habana Outpost, is a different kind of restaurant. Located in Brooklyn, NYC, and open only 6 months, during the summer and fall, the Outpost will serve not only as a tasty meeting place for friends and coworkers, but also as an open air craft marketplace, a local musician performance venue, and a gallery for area artists.

On top of all that local economy boosting goodness, Sean is committed to going environmental. The Outpost will be New York's first solar powered restaurant. All food wastes will be composted, rather than trashed. Disposable paper products used in the restaurant are 100% post consumer recycled. All soaps used to clean are biodegradable and phosphate-free. Plastic cups will be bioplastic, which will be composted along with the food waste to reduce landfill contributions. Plates are 100% bagasse (sugarcane fiber) and will also be composted. Furniture for the patio is made from recycled Trex lumber. Even the bar's blender is bike powered!

It's quite a plan that Sean has put together, and if even part of it goes as planned, Habana Outpost is set to be one of the greenest, liveliest, happeningest joints in the Big Apple.

9. Bike blender for juice bar. The B3 is the world's first instantly removable, dish washable, ice crushable, fully adjustable, damn near indestructible, bicycle powered blender.
:: Habana Outpost [by DM]