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Do you have to slide on your values when you want to eat a nice meal out on the town? Are you in a smaller town and figure there's not much but fast food around you? How do you find a restaurant that is able to purchase local, fresh food when your city is 3 feet under snow? Do restaurants these days compost? And of course, how are workers treated? These are among the 14 items included in Heavy Table's Atlas of Ethical Eating Guide to Minneapolis - St Paul restaurants, now available. The Atlas is not just a guide to good eating but a celebration of all things local in Minneapolis - St Paul.Restaurants were asked 14 questions in total on whether they do a variety of "eco-friendly" activities, such as: serve fair trade coffee, compost, serve free-range chickens, have LEED designed buildings, and even whether they serve tap water. All of the entrants scored very high in every category. In fact, there were even a few restaurants that scored a Yes in every single category. I don't know about you, but that's at least worth a try, or two. The guide includes a table with answers for each restaurant, and then below the table are the survey results as reported by each restaurant. Restaurants surveyed even list names of farms and companies where they source their produce, beers, and cheeses, particularly the local ones.

Healthy Table is a magazine focusing on local, food and small neighborhood restaurants in Minneapolis-St Paul. Currently there are only eight restaurants included in the survey, but by the time you're sick of these, there will be more to try; Healthy Table plans to add more restaurants in the future. Hopefully this scorecard will inspire restaurants not making the grade to consider some of these eco-activities now that they know their rivals are doing things like sourcing fair trade foods and even composting out back of the kitchen.

Readers all agreed that this is a great idea, the only thing they want now is an App to easily find these great restaurants. Now we can't promise that all restauarants will taste as good as they score. For that, it's up to you to taste test and let us know what you think.

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