Guerrilla Gardener Grows Community, Finds God, and a Beautiful Note (Video)

guerrilla gardens grow community photoTodd Bieber/Video screen capture

Earlier this year I posted a video by Todd Bieber about how he and a group of vigilante gardening super heroes commandeered an unloved scrap of land in the heart of Brooklyn, and started growing food and flowers instead of piles of trash.

Now Todd, the maker of a legendary internet video about finding photos of a blizzard in Brooklyn, has posted a follow up to this tale of micro urban renewal.

From unexpected gifts from strangers, to introducing people to their first tomato plant, it seems this garden has grown much more than just food. Todd even finds himself in church, sharing the harvest with the absentee owners of the property, and is pleasantly surprised by a beautiful note that is left among his plants.

From edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to community nut tree plantings, urban food production is about much more than the sheer volume of crops we can grow. It's about reconnecting people with where their food comes from and, most importantly, reconnecting them with the people all around them.

Thanks Todd Bieber for reminding us of that fact.

Guerrilla Gardener Grows Community, Finds God, and a Beautiful Note (Video)
A vigilante gardener shares his experiences of growing food, meeting neighbors, and learning to share.

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